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Standard Residential Inspection

This is our signature service.
West Sound Home Inspections usually take 2-3 hours and are very thorough. 

Clients are encouraged to attend and ask questions, however it is optional to do so.
On site the Inspector verbally summarizes findings at the end of the Inspection. 
Report is emailed within 24 hours of the end time of inspection.

        Included in a Complete West Sound Home Inspection Report are extensive pictures and written descriptions of what the inspector observed during the inspection.  Observations include (but are not limited to) the types of materials used, the general conditions of the components, and the functionality of the home's systems from an operator standpoint.  We methodically go through and make sure things work properly, and if they don't we note it in the report.   Also included are routine maintetance recommendations and useful information about the life expectancy for the home's various systems and components.

Any issues that could hinder a home's ability to be safely occupied, financed, or insured are noted as "Material Defects" and are signified with a red icon.


*A home Inspection is a broad overview that is limited in time and scope.  It is not an intense technical evaluation or diagnostic, nor does it constitute a guarantee of any kind.*


West Sound Home Inspections are conducted in accordance with: 

Structural Pest Inspections

Typically take 30 minutes to an hour.

Structural Pest Inspections (SPI) and Wood Destroying Organism (WDO) Reports are required by some mortgage lenders. 
All VA loans, for example, require wood destroying organism reports with an Inspection Control Number (ICN) issued by the Washington Department of Agriculture.  A Wood Destroying Organism Report simply determines and documents the presence or absence of wood destroying organisms as defined by the Washington Department of Agriculture. 

It is often generically referred to as a "termite inspection."

West Sound Home Inspections is licensed by the WA Dept of Agriculture to conduct Structural Pest Inspections.
We offer this
 as a stand alone service, or as an add-on to a standard residential inspection at a discounted rate.
*Discount only applies when both standard and SPI inspections are conducted simultaneously.*


West Sound publishes Wood Destroying Organism Reports in accordance with: